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Featured Review of The Good Fight

Ms. Williams wouldn't know how to write a boring story with a predictable ending if her life depended on it. That's why she is one of my absolute favorite authors. I am never bored and always intrigued by the depth of her characterization. Roger and Pennye are no exception. I loved all of Ms. Williams' books, but in some ways I think I loved this one even more. Maybe because I got to see some of my favorite characters again from her previous books. Plus, the addition of the crime element added a layer of suspense that made it a perfect book, in my opinion.

The core of this story was beautiful indeed. Not only did it deal with honesty and forgiveness, but it dealt with pretending to be something we're not because we are ashamed of our past, whether it's because we were rich or poor. It wasn't so much about how much or how little money they had, but about how they were ashamed of their beginnings. Yet it did make up part of who they were, so to deny it would be to deny a part of themselves. I loved that message in the story. If we have some pain in our past, we can try to pretend it never happened, but the truth is that everything in the past shapes who we are. Why not embraces the joys and the pain and thank God for how He uses even the ashes of our lives to make something beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, there are two interesting creatures in this story. One is an elephant and the other is a butterfly. I loved that comparison, like when one character said, "I can paint my ears, but I'll always be an elephant." Great story with depth and heart. Did I mention the romance was yummy, too? This historical novel was truly sigh-worthy. If you love a deep story with resolution and imperfect characters, but also want more than one peck on the cheek at the end, this story is for you. I can't wait to see what this author writes next!

Michelle Sutton

Michelle Sutton is a multipublished author of more than a dozen books. Some of her titles include: It's Not About Me, Never Without Hope, Danger at the Door, and First Impressions.

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